🌱 The Kingdom of Sleep


In and rats death occurs from lack of sleep as fast as it does from lack of food

A lack of sleep makes you appear to be pre-diabetic.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret thatcher both said they didn’t need to sleep much at night both developed Alzheimer’s disease.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds it is time during sleep.

Sleeping allows us to detach from the emotions of an emotional memory.

The half life of caffeine is ~5 hours. Meaning 10 hrs after you take it 1/4 of it is still in you system.

What if waking stated evolved from the sleep state. Meaning sleep could be the default mental state.

Setting sleep restrictions (only allowing sleep to happen between a specific range) can help reset sleep patterns over a couple days. Don’t stay in bed forever limit hours to midnight and 7am to force your body to sleep only then.

one of the problems however is that the one time when we typically do reflection if we’re not meditators is when our head hits the pillow when we turn the light out at night and that’s the last time you want to be doing reflection because that leads to something called rumination which typically leads to something that we call catastrophizeation and at that point you’re dead in the water for the next two hours in terms of your sleep and you want to try and get the mind off it self and that’s why I think certain forms of meditation if you are struggling with sleep at night can actually be helpful

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