🌱 Problems with Literal Translations


Harking to the Greek rendering of Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 unfortunately for fanciers of Mary’s virginity the Hebrew word Alma for which Parthernos is an erroneous translation simply means young woman without any implication of virginity it seems all but certain that the Christian dogma of the virgin birth and much of the church is resulting anxiety about sex was the result of a miss translation from the Hebrew another strike against the doctrine of the virgin birth is it the other evangelist Mark and John seem to know nothing about it though both appear troubled by accusations of Jesus is illegitimacy Paul apparently thinks that Jesus is the son of Joseph and Mary he refers to Jesus as being “born of the seat of David according to the flesh” Romans 1:3 meaning Joseph was his father and ”born of woman” Galatians 4:4 meaning that Jesus was really human with no reference to Mary’s virginity Mary’s virginity has always been suggestive of God’s attitude towards sex it is intrinsically sinful being the mechanism through with original sin was bequeathed to the generations after Adam it would appear that western civilization has endured two millennia consecrated sexual neurosis simply because the authors of Matthew and Luke couldn’t read Hebrew

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