🌱 The russia connection


The correct comparison to him though is you if you look at Putin and how he uses lies and if you look at Chavez and how he use lies you do see that there are leaders who you know who have use them if that is a Putin uses them in a very specific way he lies well he in his in the media that he controls and he again is in a different position because he controls all the media which is again not the case with Trump is acting up in a different climate but he creates lies deliberately partly to devalue the entire concept of truth

there’s the Steve bannon anarchy argument or the Peter Thiel energy argument you know that we need total chaos and revolution and we need to burn everything down and then in the ashes of our country we will rebuild something better I mean that but that’s up by the way the bolshevik argument that was the one that was the motivating idea of the Russian revolution which ended in total disaster and there’s no there’s no evidence that revolutionary destruction creates anything good ever and there’s no historical example you can point to be there are people who believe that mean there are people who believe that

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